A little bit of heaven on earth

As I sit here with my morning coffee on the veranda, looking out from Villa Harmony over the infinity pool with the majestic view of Peyia, Potima Bay and Paphos in the distance, it just feels like heaven on earth. It may sound a bit corny to say that, but given it’s the 3rd of January and the warm morning sun is shining and the temperature is a lovely 22c at 10 am; I just feel so happy I chose this villa rental. 
Having just enjoyed a traditional Christmas period where the local Cypriots and UK residents enjoyed a laid-back festive break, the warm and inviting tavernas and high street branded shops accessible in Paphos it was just what the doctor ordered. Not that I was ill or anything, but it was nice to experience a true 12-month-a-year holiday tourist destination and enjoy Christmas with all the usual commercial pressures on TV and in the High Street back home.
Whilst the days have been warm and intermingled with the odd bit of rain, the evenings were cooler than summer, but with nighttime temps above those that my friends were reporting as daytime averages, It’s been great to be here. Looking back to when we booked, it really did make sense for me to have chosen a luxury villa hire with central heating to keep us warm when the chilly night made itself known.
What’s also been quite nice is the number of places we’ve been able to visit as, whilst its not full of fellow tourists at this time of year, the award-winning wineries like Tsangerides and Vounis were both open and the drives out to them were idyllic, as the November rains had brought the flora back to life with sweeping fields of greenery and flowers rushing to open and entice the bees before winter truly takes hold. It was also lovely to go through the traditional villages where the YiaYias (grandmas) sit on their chairs outside their homes, either absorbing the sun’s rains or chatting to their neighbours; all whilst the retired local men catch up on their political chats in the coffee shops that litter every village.
We were kind of surprised at how many tourists were here at this time of year, but with villa rentals being a popular option, it’s easy to see why. It’s also a realistic option if you get a luxury villa geared up to allow comfortable winter holidaying. After all, the winter can’t guarantee sunshine every day; though Cyprus does seem to do pretty well on that front.
After our lovely break, our final trek before returning to the cold winter back home in Blighty will be to head to the marina in Latsi near Polis, visiting the Akamas National Reserve before a photo op at the Evretou Dam. We’ve been told its tranquillity and beauty are considered a blissful “must-see” by the locals. Then hopefully, a lovely meal at one of the highly rated fish restaurants overlooking the mixed array of luxury cruisers and traditional fishing boats at the marina.
Then, sadly, back to our Villa Harmony in Peyia before one last glorious sunset prior to heading to the airport.
I must say Peyia is an amazing holiday location; can’t wait to book another luxury villa. Maybe Villa Andonia next door if we can’t get this one again, for a June break before it gets too hot for the better half.
 Yiamas Peyia, we’ll be back!