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Weather in Cyprus

Cyprus enjoys some of the most tourist-friendly weather in Europe. Long, hot summers with warm weather extending until November and short winters ensure its popularity.

What’s the weather in Cyprus like?

With its position in the east of the Mediterranean, Cyprus has a typically warm climate with long, hot, dry summers and mild winters which tend to be wettest between November and February.

In the winter months temperatures tend not to drop below 17°C. The wettest month is usually December when you can expect over 90mm of rain. This contrasts with the peak summer months when there tends to be very little rain at all. During the winter months, Cyprus tends to be mild and pleasant during the day and slightly cooler at night.

How hot is Cyprus in summer?

The hottest month in Cyprus is usually August when temperatures often exceed 30°C. The weather in Cyprus is generally fine, warm and dry from Spring right through to late October/early November with summer months averaging 12-14 hours of sunshine daily.

The island of Cyprus averages a temperature of 24°C and almost 330 days of sunshine per year which helps to explain its year-round popularity and why many call it the jewel in the Mediterranean.

The Week ahead in Cyprus

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